Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 10 - The Future of Money or Financial Permaculture, 7:00 PM - Ellsworth Public Library, Riverview Room - Michael Anderson will present this important topic about Financial Permaculture, a systems approach using permaculture techniques and philosophy that create a zero waste economy that cares for the earth, its inhabitants and distributes surplus material, currency and knowledge in a fair and equitable manner. It also seeks to create mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationships while healing the ecology. This talk will explain the parasitic nature of our current economic system and look at alternatives that include interest and inflation free money,local currencies, mutual credit clearing and green busienesses. money should be made to serve, not rule, to be used - rather htan profit oriented - and to create abundance, stability and sustainability. Sponsored by Hancock County Towns in Transition. FMI: Contact Brenda Cartwright, 667-9062

March 17 - Organic Gardening Without Money - 6:00 PM - Ellsworth Public Library, Riverview Room. Expereinced or new gardeners welcome. Come learn tried and true techniques in this informal and informative workshop led by John Whight. A self proclaimed "botanist at heart," John has 37+ years of energy and gardening knowledge. John has studied and observed oriental, European, and domestic gardeing techniques. Take advantage of John's wealth of knowledge and unique and simple gardening techniques. Sponsored by Sustaninable Earth Training Center and Hancock County Towns in Transition. For more information, call Brenda Cartwright, 667-9062.

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